Industrial-Strength Foundation Repair

Strong enough to bear the force of commercial enterprises and fast enough to get them back to working condition with minimal downtime, URETEK lifts, levels, raises, seals, and resolves commercial concrete foundation problems of all types and sizes.

Commercial Foundation Repair by the Numbers

15 MIN


UDI® reaches 90% strength in minutes—use your asset almost immediately. Full strength reached within 24 hours.



UDI® liquid polymer sets near-instantly after injection, going from liquid to solid in seconds.



UDI® lifts sub-surface assets to precise tolerances for effective, minimally invasive repairs.

Solutions Built for Commercial Buildings

The advanced technology and refined technique of URETEK can stabilize soil settlement issues beneath warehouse floors, heavy structures, and industrial equipment.

Walkway in food processing facility

Industrial Food Processing Facility Support in Kansas and Kentucky

In Murray, Kentucky, a 50,000-gallon milk storage tank and two adjacent buildings at a dairy processing facility were all settling due to a high water table and fine grained soils beneath the structures. Meanwhile, in Canton, Kansas, a grain handling facility was experiencing settlement in several areas due to poorly compacted soils. At both facilities, catastrophic structural failure was on the horizon, but the prospect of halting operations to conduct a major remediation project was not an option.

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