The Basics of Soil Issues & Their Stable Solutions

For the success of any construction project, a firm and reliable foundation is essential. This foundation, in many ways, is highly impacted by the soil condition, highlighting the necessity of understanding soil and its prevalent issues. At URETEK, we’ve been pioneering processes in soil stabilization and foundation repair for over 30 years and have gained extensive knowledge and insight into the challenges that soil can present to construction projects. This blog will dig into the intricacies of soil issues and share with you the competent solutions that URETEK USA brings to the table.

Understanding Soil Issues

Understanding various soil-related problems is a crucial first step to preserving the integrity of the foundation it supports. Let’s dive deep into some of the common soil-related issues that we encounter in our projects.

Cracking and Differential Settlement

Cracks appearing on walls, foundations, and floors are often more than simple wear and tear. They can be an outward symptom of various underlying soil complications like differential settlement. This happens when uneven soil qualities or loads cause different sections of a building to settle at different rates, potentially leading to internal damages to the structure.

Uncompacted Soils and Mismatched Joints

Another frequent issue that jeopardizes construction projects, especially concerning foundations, is the problem of uncompacted soils. If the soil beneath a structure isn’t adequately compacted, it can result in a myriad of issues, including sinking pavements, dips, voids, and foundation faults. 

Closely related to the case of uncompacted soils, mismatched joints can also retard construction progress by indicating soil movement.

Void, Water Infiltration, Sinkholes, and More

Voids usually appear beneath concrete slabs due to natural or construction-induced soil erosion and settlement. When unchecked, they can cause sudden sinkholes, posing severe safety risks and threatening the project’s durability.

Similarly, water infiltration is a notorious issue that can gradually weaken the soil’s binding, inducing instability and damage over extended periods.

Besides these, slope failure, frost heave, and landfill problems also constitute formidable challenges in soil management.

Crucial Solutions to Soil Problems

When faced with substantial soil-related concerns, multiple solutions are available, each targeting specific challenges. This section introduces these prominent strategies, shedding light on how they can ultimately resolve your construction concerns.

  • Increase in Bearing Capacity and Soil Stabilization: Increasing the soil’s bearing capacity is an effective solution to combat the effects of differential settlement and uncompacted soils. Techniques such as undersealing and soil stabilization help enhance the soil's ability to bear load. This not only strengthens compromised soils but also significantly mitigates risks, thereby ensuring project stability.


  • Crack Repair, Leveling, Lifting, and Raising: When confronted with cracks in the foundation or slabs, suitable remedial measures involve their effective repair, subsequently restoring their functionality. Additionally, processes such as leveling, lifting, and raising can bring relief to problems related to uncompacted soils, dips, and other deformities caused by voids.


  • Efficient Sealing Techniques: Sealing solutions significantly control potential water infiltration into the soil. By creating an effective barrier against water seepage, structural damages from increased moisture content in the soil can be effectively mitigated, ensuring persistent soil strength and stability.


  • Joint Matching and Slope Repair: Situations involving mismatched joints and slope failures necessitate solutions extending to joint matching and slope repair. These techniques realign and restore structural integrity while providing much-needed resilience to potential future issues.

Why is URETEK the Preferred Choice?

At URETEK, we do not just understand these soil issues, we specialize in tackling them head-on with our unique and effective solutions. Here's how we put into action the strategies mentioned above.

URETEK Deep Injection® Process: An Expert Approach to Soil Stabilization and Increased Bearing Capacity

Our innovative URETEK Deep Injection® (UDI) process offers an optimal solution to enhance the bearing capacity of soil and achieve soil stabilization. By precisely deploying polymers into weak soil layers, we bolster the soil's load-bearing capability, ensuring long-term stability.

Comprehensive Repair and Adjustment Services

Our crack repair procedures aim at restoring not only the functionality but also the aesthetic appeal of your constructions. We take it a step further by offering services encompassing leveling, lifting, and raising structures, correcting issues arising from voids or uncompacted soils.

Effective Sealing Solutions

To counter water's destructive infiltration, URETEK USA provides sealing solutions tailored to guard your foundations against potential water-induced damages. With our services, you can prevent moisture content from permeating the soil layers, maintaining your project's resilience.

Aligning and Restoring with Joint Match and Slope Repair

In instances of mismatched joints and slope failures, our specific joint match and slope repair services retain structure functionalities and alignment. This proactive approach decreases the impact of possible disruptions in the future.


At the heart of it all, understanding and addressing soil problems are fundamental to any successful construction project. URETEK through our innovative technology and professional approach to project management, is committed to providing robust solutions for these challenges. With our timely intervention and reliable solutions, we preserve your project’s integrity while ensuring a long life for your structure.



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